18 Jan
Dirty Pretty Things
(festival look)
Nineties grunge, a bohemian spirit and post wood-stock rock chic looks are fused together creating a new urban bohemian look. Free-spirited gyspy dresses and voluminous peasant blouses in watercolour prints are worn under studded jean jackets and fringed bikers with doctor martins and ripped tights. Maxi lengths are long and flowing, hems are gradated and frayed. Traditional floaty looks are given a hard edge and a grunge twist with traditionally pretty floral fabrics studded and dip dyed. Prints bleed into one another to shadowy, vapourous effect. This is a haunted beauty, a dark fairytale vision of femininity with an injection of street cred. Stevie Nicks ethereal, otherworldly look inspires this trend. Key details include fringing, macrame, crochet, sheers, shredding and distressing. Key items include peasant dresses, cobweb knits, sheer maxi skirts, distressed dirty denim, the studded biker, shredded denim hot pants, hippy tees and silk slips. Colours are muted and underexposed, taking reference from re-coloured vintage photographs and galaxy imagery. Mauve, grey, forest green, taupe and off-white are key.

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