Spring/Summer 2011 – HERE COMES THE SUN!

18 Jan

Here Comes the Sun! – March 2011
Bright Young Things Simple and bold are key summer statements – minimalist clothing in upbeat brights. A wardrobe of mix-and-match separates that are easy wear and easy to co-ordinate. Summer spells fun and optimism and clothing reflects this with bold deckchair stripes, fruit salad block prints, neon brights and the return of white. Simple t-shirts are re-invented in sheer fabrics, tunics are colour blocked and lace is dyed in luminous brights. Pineapples, bananas and citrus fruit prints give a tropical mood, think Josephine Baker meets Katy Perry. Sheers are key, to create layers and new colour plays. Tunics, tube skirts, shirt dresses and cropped trousers signal a return to simple shapes, a blank canvas for print and colour. It’s about being bold and statement dressing: stripes are worn top to toe, one-colour dressing return, shades of red and yellow are styled together create a wearable sunset. The colours of the season are steaming hot: highlighter pink, fanta orange, primrose yellow and poppy red.
> Go Tropo! / Favela Chic/ Carnival / If the bold minimalism gets a little too serious a tropical 50s pinup mood can be injected as a micro story – think tie front polka dot boob tubes, bustier dresses, high waisted hot pants all worn with a colourful head scarf to the sound of some surf rock! Go wild with toucans, pineapples, banana palms and Hawaiian prints. Take inspiration form Katy Perry and Lily Allen.

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