Spring/Summer 2011 – THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

18 Jan

The Virgin Suicides

Patti Smith is transported back to Victorian times, the white button up blouses and white lacy underclothes remain, but are worn with brothel creepers, a black felt hat, flowing hair and a lot of attitude. Clothing references those that you wore as a child, feminine dresses, corduroy shorts, pinafores and sailor jackets, sweet and innocent, but now thrown into the post-punk age. Innocent clothes are given a Lolita look. This story looks to our favourite films; Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Virgin Suicides, mixed with some contemporary New Zealand designers for inspiration, with their haunted looks; sweet yet tortured. White is the key colour but drops of colour and the odd micro floral finds its way in. Daisy chain motifs and black and white photographic prints add a graphic edge. High necked dresses recreated in sheers have a subversive appeal. Lace, broidery anglais and cutwork are central to this look. Key items include camisoles, broidery under dresses, peter pan blouses, sailor girl jackets, bloomers, bed shorts, Victoriana blouses and lace sheaths




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