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One Response to “Contact”

  1. Elisabeth Whitebread November 11, 2010 at 11:43 pm #

    Hi Louche,

    I adore your stuff. It’s just fabulous.

    In February I fell in love with one of your dresses. It’s blue with pink flowers on. There’s a picture of it in one of the Look articles at the bottom of your February blog page, underneath the heading “New Prim”.

    Anyway, the Brunswick Centre store where I was shopping didn’t have it in my size and stupidly I didn’t look for it anywhere else for a couple of weeks by which time it had disappeared. I thought, oh well, I’ll forget about it, but now 9 months have passed and I’m STILL thinking about that dress.

    I’m contacting you on the very slim chance that there might be any way of me getting hold of one of these beautiful dresses in a size 10. Any chance at all? I know it’s unlikely but I thought I may as well ask…

    Yours in hope,

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